Passion and


We have been present on the international market for more than half a century. We transform, process and sell a wide selection of bulk or packed rice for our customers, even for private brands, in addition to our lines of products..


Roberto and Feliciano, together with an extremely professional and experienced team, offer high quality products every day. Customers first! That’s our mission!


Keeping up with the times is the key to be competitive while offering high quality solutions that can satisfy the most demanding customers. Our cutting-edge machines enable us to process 60,000 tons of rice every year: the new stainless steel silos, the state-of-the-art optical sorting machine, the 6 lines of the brand new packaging department, and the new palletizing system optimise the processing and delivery times of our products. Our plant comprises the rice mill, where rice is processed and transformed, the packaging area and the storage area with 500 pallets.


We are oriented towards partnership. We want our customers to feel they are being followed and listened, and that their needs are always satisfied. We guarantee them know-how, product quality, and professional deliveries.