A history
of tradition


Brothers Giovanni and Francesco Mottino found the Riseria F.lli Mottino in Lignana (VC), in the heart of the Po Valley. The small family-run mill, which has been enlarged over the years, aims at becoming an internationally well-known reality.


The industrial production and the expansion to foreign markets start in the 70s. Our rice leaves Italy and becomes famous in Europe. In 1977 the new plant replacing the mill is inaugurated; unlike other rice mills, which adopt vertical processing, we are the first in Italy to test horizontal processing on a single level.


Technology is improving enormously and the rice mill introduces new systems of raw material selection (optical sorting machine) and rice processing. New markets open and the aromatic varieties start to be sold.


In 2000 Roberto and Feliciano, Giovanni’s sons, enlarge the premises of the rice mill, modernise it by means of new machines and adopt new production technologies. That’s the beginning of Agrover s.r.l., which transforms and sell any kind of rice. Yesterday’s tradition blends with modern technologies.


We export rice to every continent. The plant has been recently refurbished according to the latest safety standards and enlarged: new machines for rice processing have been installed, together with 6 packaging lines. We are leaders in the process of any kind of rice. We sell bulk or packed rice for private brands, in addition to our lines of products. Our latest line of products is Agronature: not only rice, but also legumes, flours and preparations.